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July-August 2013 Prophecy Flash
Sept-Oct.2013 Prophecy Flash
Jesus' LAST WEEK Revealed
When Was the Early Church Passover?
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Nov-Dec.2013 Prophecy Flash
Jan-Feb. 2014 Prophecy Flash
What are the Signs of the Antichrist?
Holy Day Calendar for 2014
Beware the PAGAN "Passover"!
When Was Christ Crucified? -- John 19 and the Sixth Hour
March-April 2014 Prophecy Flash
Rabbi Kaduri's Prophecies
God's Holy Days or Pagan Holidays?
Splitting the Red Sea
When Is the Passover -- a New Look! 4-5-14
How To Count the Omer to Pentecost
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Sefirat Ha Omer -- Counting the Omer,
        the Key to Overcoming
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Will the Real Ephraim Please Stand Up? 4-12-14
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